Demi: 50 days of Juice Fasting

  • Demi Mckenzie, 20 years old Female, weighing 62 kg / 136.4 lbs, 64 in /162.56 cm tall, Worcestershire. From Redditch, United Kingdom

  • Doing 50 days of Juice Fasting. Starting October 25, 2010

  • Reasons for Fasting:
    In 2009, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had 3 rounds of chemotherapy, an operation, and radiotherapy hoping this would cure me. In September 2010; I had a another one of many PET scans and it showed the cancer had spread again to my right shoulder bone, a few of my vertebra, and a lymph between my lungs. The doctors said they could not cure my cancer but will try and control it to allow me to have a normal life for as long as possible. This would mean a repeat of what I had already been going through while 19 and 20 years old. Practically living in different hospitals. This news was heartbreaking for me but I decided not to be a victim of cancer and decided to take control of it myself.

    So here I am 6 days into a juice fast.

  • Past Fasting Experience:
    The most I have ever fasted was the month before I came to Sagada. I realized my diet had to change. So I cut out all dairy, carbohydrates and sugar. This meant I was pretty much living on just vegetables.

  • Present Diet:
    My present diet is a combination of different supplements, fasting and an enzyme treatment.

    I am taking Flaxseed oil twice a day, transfer factor three times a day, turmeric twice a day, B1 once a day, and DCA twice a day. I also take raw pigs pancreas, one tea spoon three times a day (enzyme treatment). I drink lots of green tea, nano silver water and juice. Over the last few days my juice has been ginger and carrot. I also do a coffee enema every day.

  • Supplements:
    Juicing: Mostly carrot ginger and some green juices. DCA Nano Silver Raw Pig Pancreas 3 heaped teaspoons daily Tumeric

  • Relevant Medical History:
    By Ester, her Mother:

    I was in labor with Demi for 4 days (she was facing the wrong way) so ended up having a forceps delivery. She had swallowed something as she delivered so they gave her antibiotics by injection straight away as a precaution.
    For the first few months, Demi had bad tummy colic pains.
    At 8-9 months she had gastroenteritis.
    When she was 3 years old she had a really bad stomach and her gut flipped – luckily it flipped back on its own but was in hospital for a few days.
    She started to get eczema at about 3 years.
    She had a bit of asthma around 10-12 years.

    Demi started her periods when she was 12 years old. She has achy back and joints around her periods.
    At 15 years old Demi had a root canal filling and has had a few infections in it since so had antibiotics.
    She had acne through her teenage years and the dermatologist put her on Roacatan which is a strong drug apparently and I think its hormone based.
    At 17 years Demi went on the contraceptive pill.

    The lump in her breast came when she was 18. The doctors said her cancer is highly estrogen sensitive and she is BRCA 2 positive.

    Demi always reacted positively to natural treatments. An example of this was when she had bad tummy pains and paracetamol didn’t seem to help. A lady happened to be with us at the time who was a reiki healer. She did reiki on her and within a few minutes the pains had completely gone.

    Extracted from the medical records:

    Discovered lump right breast, Dec 2008.
    Apr 2009, Diagnosed , breast cancer.
    May 2008, FEC chemo therapy started.
    Cancer continued to grow (self test) on the FEC treatment over 9 weeks. Hair fell out, loss appetite.

    June, 2008 Tried Taxatara chemo ; but had allergic reaction.
    June, 2008, Tazo chemo 8 no change in mass. Self test.
    June, 2008, Genetic test showed BRAC2 gene that has malfunctioned.
    Sept 2009, Skin Sparing Macetamy Lymph node clearance on right side.
    Oct 2009 taxomfen , zolodex for estrogen.
    Oct 2009 Radation therapy 13 sesions no side effects.
    Feb 2010: CT scan show lymph nodes still swollen on left collar bone and behind chest cavity.
    March 2010, JEM/carbo chemo 12 sessions, lumps reduced.
    May 2010, became ill of unknown cause for one week.
    Sept 2010, PET scan showed had bone cancer in right shoulder bone, and top of spine and was abnormal size but not conclusive that is is cancer.

  • Present Medical Problems:
    No pain or swollen lymph.

  • State of Mind:
    I am on a journey to recovery. This is how I see my situation. I am working to become content here in this natural, mountainous part of the Philippines called Sagada.

    Iv'e changed my state of mind from being a victim to being in control and the boss of my body. Through this I am reaping the benefits as I know I am giving my body the best chance to cure itsself of cancer. It is a rollercoaster of which I am now happy to be on, as I am learning so much from Tom and myself as I now have my eyes open.

    I feel this awful disease has helped me to see clearly and I now have the knowledge to help others prevent this from happening to them. This is my purpose and I am now excited for the future.

  • Limitations:
    If I was answering this question a few weeks ago, I would have tried to kid you and myself and said, I don't believe I have any limitations. But now, I can say this knowing I believe it with every molecule of my body. Even the cancerous ones.

    Something has changed drastically inside of me and I now know I am slowly but surely curing myself of cancer. This knowledge allows me to believe I can conquer anything I put my mind, body and soul into if I really want it. Limitation is not a word I can live with anymore and therefore does not exist in my life.

  • Questions:
    Who has paithed this crazy path for me?

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10 Responses to Demi: 50 days of Juice Fasting

  1. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Demi
    It has been great to have you here with us at the Detox Retreat. Your are upbeat and fun and everyone is enjoying your company. I think it is a positive that the x-ray technician did not find any abnormalities in the bone.

  2. Cindy Pa-ac says:

    Hey Demi,
    It’s really great that your positive and open minded about your recovery. I was researching some of the local produce that could assist you in greater therapeutic results. Two of the foods that I took interest in are radish and lemongrass because both have established research in cancer prevention and cure. Both are safe and work with juice fasting. These posts were created for you.

    Radish in Cancer Treatment
    Researchers from the Tokyo College of Pharmacy have discovered that daikon juice actually inhibits the formation of dangerous chemicals and carcinogens in the body.
    Radish Research

    Researchers at Ben Gurion University of the Negev discovered that lemongrass kills cancer cells in vitro, while leaving healthy cells unharmed.
    Lemongrass Research

    You can count on me being here for you through your recovery.

  3. Jenks Biang says:

    Hi Demi!
    Jenks here. It’s good to know your positive mindset in curing yourself with breast cancer. You have great motivation! I made a research for bittermelon,malunggay, and garlic that may help your treatment.

    It was found that bitter melon is an excellent source of polyphenols and carotenoids which are good for you and have proven anti-cancer activity. Polyphenols act as antioxidants to fight against the free radicals and tissue damage that cancer can cause. While carotenoids protects the cells of the body from damage caused by free radicals and enhance the function of the immune system.
    Click Bitter melon Research

    For malunggay, contains phytochemicals that can prevent the development of cancer cells. Also, it has highly rich in vitamins A, C, and E, which combat free radicals that can impair the body’s metabolism and eventually cause cell death.
    Click Malunggay Research

    And as for the garlic, it has protective effects that may arise from its antibacterial properties or from its ability to block the formation of cancer-causing substances, halt the activation of cancer-causing substances, enhance DNA repair, reduce cell proliferation, or induce cell death.
    Click Garlic Research

    I’ll be happy in keeping you posted on my upcoming research for your treatment.

  4. Henley says:

    Hello Demi,

    It is nice to have you here at the Retreat Center. Your joyful vibe is viral that I never thought you were here for fasting if the other guys haven’t told me. Turmeric which you are taking has a promising benefit against cancer. Curcumin, its active ingredient is easier assimilated into our system with oil. Hence, the inclusion of Flaxseed oil.

    Combined with juice-fasting, the effect of curcumin would be two-fold.

    Here are more info about curcumin and its effectivity:

  5. Joyce Ann Mallare says:

    Helo Demi! It was great meeting you. I admire your courage, determination and cheerfulness. You are an inspiration to me.

    I have come across the sweet papaya and watercress on the internet which is cheap and available here in Sagada. Here is the link to the information on papaya the fruit of the angels and here is the link on the watercress, one of the super foods.

    Hope this would help you through your recovery. If I come across to other fruits, vegetables and herbs that may help you through your treatment then I’ll keep you posted.

  6. Demi Mckenzie says:

    Thanks guys for all your long hours of research. Its much appreciated and im looking forward to me being your first cancer success. xx

  7. Jenks Biang says:

    Hi Demi,
    Here’s my latest research for anti-cancer fruits that would help you in your fasting.

    Pineapple has Bromelain, the key enzyme in pineapple, banishes inflammation as effectively as drugs. New research is even showing pineapple to be highly effective at cancer prevention and treatment. Click Pineapple Research

    Avocado hasOleic acid that helps to lower unhealthy hLDL plaque forming cholesterol. Oleic acid lowers cholesterol and body fat not only lead to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease but also lead to reduced inflammation and reduced cancer risk. Scientists believe that oleic acid may be able to fight and prevent breast cancer. Click Avocado Research

    Recent research says, that the mango is a potent and very powerful cure for breast cancer and colon cancer. Mango has polyphenols, (natural substances, anti-oxidants, that are free radical scavengers and promote health) present in the fruit were assessed in patients suffering from breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and leukemia. These polyphenols showed significant beneficial effects on breast and colon cancers, while they had a weaker effect on prostate cancer and leukemia. Click Mango Research

    Carrot juice can stave off breast cancer as well as skin cancer due to the amount of beta carotene it has. Primarily beta carotene is an antioxidant and it eliminates free radicals totally from the body. It also takes care of preventing the cell degeneration which happens in our body.Click Carrots Research

    Strawberries are very high in quercetin–one of the flavonoids which is important in heart health.Quercetin has also been studied for its potential cancer-fighting abilities. One cup of strawberries has 46 calories, three grams of fiber and 85 milligrams of vitamin C. Click Strawberry Research

    Purple (Concord) grapes (with their skin and seeds), and to a slightly lesser degree red and black grapes, contain a bioflavonoid known as quercetin. This works as an antioxidant and operates with Vitamin C to stimulate the immune system to fight infection, cancer, and inflammation. They also help detoxify the body. Click Grapes Research

    Garlic is known as nature’s antibiotic. Its juices inhibit the growth of fungi and viruses thus, prevent viral, yeast, and infections. Garlic’s antibacterial compound is known as

    Protective effects from garlic may arise from its antibacterial properties or from its ability to block the formation of cancer-causing substances, halt the activation of cancer-causing substances, enhance DNA repair, reduce cell proliferation, or induce cell death. Click Garlic Research

    Chinese scientists have found that an extract of Chrysanthemum indicum flower could be a powerful cancer treatment. The medicinal part of the chrysanthemum is the flower. The flowers contain a volatile oil made of a variety of amino acids and other substances, including borneol, camphor, adenine, and small amounts of vitamin B1.Click Chrysanthemum Research & Chrysanthemum Tea

    I’ll be keeping you posted again for other researches that I’m working right now.

  8. Cindy Pa-ac says:

    Hi Demi,
    I have researched on some vegetables and fruits that may be of help for you.

    1.Chayote is very rich in vitamin C. The chayote fruit can be turned into juice and the chayote leaves can be turned into tea.
    2.Tomatoes may reduce the risk for certain types of cancers including lung, stomach, pancreatic, breast, cervical, colorectal, oral, and esophageal cancers. It can also be turned into juice.
    3.Radishes are believed to mainly aid the prevention of colon, breast, and prostate cancer. It can also help cure many types of cancer, particularly those of colon, kidney, intestines, stomach, and oral cancer. Though there is not much research on it, radishes are generally safe. Radishes can also be turned into juice.
    4.Brown Seaweeds are found to have strong anti-cancer properties. A lot of research are conducted on it and they all found similar results. Brown seaweed can be turned into tea.
    5.Chamomile also has anti-cancer potential. It tastes and smells good too.
    6.Kangkong has recently been found to have anti-cancer properties. Though there is not much research on it, it’s generally safe.
    7.Pears are also a good source of vitamin C. It has also been found to reduce the risk for certain cancers. It can be turned into juice and it tastes good too.

    I will post again if I find more.

  9. Jenks Biang says:

    Hi Demi,
    Here’s another research update on fruits & vegetable for your cancer treatment.
    1. Bromelain is a natural enzyme found in the stem and fruit of the pineapple. Bromelain is one of the most promising of all the anti-cancer nutrients. Bromelain activates the immune system and has anti-cancer effects and fights cancer at many levels. Bromelain increases the macrophages’ ability to kill tumours.
    2. Vitamin C has been found to be a highly effective antioxidant. Antioxidants protect your body tissues from the damage caused by free radicals.
    3. Peaches rank high in some types of phytochemicals and have good to excellent antioxidant activity. Peaches’ phytonutrients have shown cancer-fighting possibilities. These substances have demonstrated the ability to inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors.
    4. Kiwi It is an excellent source of the antioxidant vitamin C. It is also a good source of pectin, the soluble fiber, and phytochemicals – nutrients that are proven cancer fighters.
    5. Rose Hips are considered to be an energizer due to their very high vitamin C content, much more than other citrus fruits.
    6. Brussels Sprout bladder cancer properties appear to come from their high levels isothiocyanates, which are potent anti-carcinogens. Isothiocyanates travel through the bladder to be excreted, making them particularly powerful against this form of cancer.
    7. Broccoli contain a class of potent anti-carcinogens (cancer-combating agents) called isothiocyanates. These compounds block many cancer-causing agents in a wide variety of cancers. They also detoxify potential carcinogens such as environmental toxins. It’s an excellent source of fiber, vitamin C, beta-carotene and many other carotenoids and calcium. And each of these micronutrients supports overall health and helps counter cancer.

    Always keep you posted,

  10. Joyce Ann Mallare says:

    Helo Demi! How are you? I would like to update you on my recent research regarding on fruits, vegetables and herbs that have anti-cancer properties.

    First on the list is the plum. The plum can be snacked once they are picked fresh or the dried ones called the prunes. The plum contains phenolic compounds that can kill breast cancer cells, without harming healthy cells nearby.

    Next is the pomegranate, its sweet and juicy taste contains vitamins and a anti-cancer agent called the ellagic acid. Ellagic acid inhibits cancer formation and is believed to inhibit cancer mutation by latching onto DNA-masking sensitive sites on the genetic material that might otherwise be occupied by harmful chemicals

    Then there’s the mangosteen a fruit providing more anti-oxidants. It contains vitamins A and C. It has phytochemicals as well and most importantly it contains an anti cancer agent called Xanthones. It carries the properties of anti-leukemia, anti-tumor (shrinks the tumor in the body), anti-fungal, antibacterial (protects the DNA), antioxidants, and anti-proliferation (kills cancer cells). This is perhaps why the mangosteen is revered as a possible cancer cure.

    The ginger contains gingerol, anti-cancer agent but it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory activites. Gingerol has been investigated for its effect on cancerous tumors in the bowel, breast tissue, ovaries,the pancreas, among other tissues, with positive results.

    The onion contains quercetin, a very potent antioxidant. Quercetin blocks carcinogen agents in the environment, slows the development and spreading of cancer cells in the body.

    Another thing here is the list on some phytochemicals that can inhibit breast cancer.

    I’ll keep you updated with my research. Have a nice day.