Support Team

Tom Coghill

Tom Coghill (Director)
Owner and author of Was healed of many health conditions through a 30 day juice fast. The event inspired Tom to help others to recover their health through juice fasting. Over the years, Tom has assisted thousands of people on fasts. Tom also directed holistic treatment for terminal diseases at St. Theodore’s Hospital with Dr. Clare Lalwet. Tom presently lives in Sagada and opens his home to people who need support and direction for healing and weight loss.

Joyce Ann Mallare

Joyce Ann Mallare (Staff)
A graduate of Philosophy,staff of the ” I find this project inspiring because of how natural treatments can cure disease. I consider it an honor to be part of your research team and assist you with your recovery.

Jenks Biang

Jenks Biang  (Staff)
A Mass Communication graduate of Saint Louis University and a member of Support Team. Creative writing has been her past time and passion since high school. She recently joined the Team because of her interest in fasting as a treatment for diseases.” I look forward to assisting you in your healing and lifestyle change.”

Cindy Pa-ac

Cindy Pa-ac (Staff)
A Mass Communication graduate and a staff of Cindy’s brother died of cancer at an early age and this event birth a passion to see people healed of cancer. “I am excited to assist you in researching holistic treatments for your health conditions so you could live a longer and healthier life.”

Henley Tade

Henley Tade (Staff)
I have a long term passion for researching and writing. It has been great being part of the team for as we are learning so much. What we discover today affects people’s lives tomorrow. I look forward to assisting you in achieving a healthy vibrant future.

Mirko Albrecht (Consultant)
Nutrition Consultant and Creator of “Functional Food ” from Europe. He has written his dissertation about the relationship between alkalinity to acidity of the blood and human metabolism and several publications to acid-alkaline imbalance, Candida overproduction, allergies, detoxification and other healthy topics. He creates healthy recipes f.e. for people with several detox problems, chronic diseases, food-problems or Candidiasis, allergies, Multiple chemical sensitivity and all stress-related diseases. More Background Info

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